The ugly duck

The ugly duckling waited patiently for its day. It had heard the stories of the original ugly duckling which turned out to be a swan. So it tolerated every mock and every taunt that came its way.

One day it realised it was just an ugly duck. And it realised that it was okay. It found other ugly ducks and did cool stuff together.

It didn’t get the traditional happy ending. Who cares?! “Life is unpredictable and it works in mysterious ways”, the ugly duck shrugged.

And it lived happily ever after.

The End.


Her Happy Ending

Her happy ending was never a question. The question was whether her happy ending was with him. It took her time to realise that as long as she continues to be who she is, she will be happy. She saw happiness in him. But she didn’t see that whether he is or isn’t there, she would continue to be happy. Unfortunately he had to leave her for her to realise that. Unfortunately again she found another who made her forget it all over again.


Her best friend cried to her, “my parents are getting a divorce”

She thought about all the fights her own parents were having over the past few months and about how incompatible they were. Maybe they were never meant to get married. How much she wished they’d just get a divorce! So they could just be happy… Even if that meant being apart.