A standard birthday message

I have noticed that everyone I know googles at the last minute what to wish people on their birthday. Some messages, some good messages, some really emotional type of messages. I have also noticed that they don’t get what they want and end up just sending a short message. Me? I just like to send personalised poems most of the times. So I present to you all facing this situation out there, a poem, which might suit almost all situations and almost all types of people.

Yo! Yo! It’s your birthday
time to celebrate,
You’re not gonna get any more younger
so you gotta make it great.

Love you, you goofball
have an awesome day.
Party hard, laugh and dance,
enjoy all the way.

It’s time to forget all the hardships
and look for a prettier tomorrow.
Because happiness will come to you and
gone are the days of sorrow.

Happiness is a mood,
it will come and go.
Our friendship will stay forever
so just shout out a Yo!

Don’t listen to others,
just follow what your heart wants.
You gotta do what you gotta do
so don’t listen to their taunts.

Hope you have the most fun time
from the start till the end.
The best part about birthdays is a
reminder that we’re not yet dead.

Happy birthday, God bless you,
may you live for a long long time.
and I’m sorry coz for the very last line
I couldn’t find a rhyme.