An unexpected gesture

What effect it has! Here we try to be brave and we try to be as strong as we can. We march into the struggle and fight and fight and fight. And we know how much more we have to endure so we keep going. At that point we think we’re so strong and we prepare our minds to be stronger for the incoming things to face. But then someone comes and they change the situation, and your enduring is over. You don’t have to fight anymore. You can relax. They give you that. That unexpected gesture can crumple you when u realize how much you needed that support. In life how many times have u worried about a problem that has disappeared into nothing the next day. You think that’s not gonna happen again. But then it does. You don’t expect it, you don’t ask for it, and when such an unexpected gesture comes you can’t help but believe that there is a greater force out there.



It’s very hard to come back from a failure. It’s not as easy as the quotes on google make it seem – “True failure is when you give up” and all that. When you have failed and that too repeatedly you can’t help wondering whether this was really meant for you. Whether your dreams are meant to come true. Whether all those people in your life telling you, you can’t do it, were right. Sure, some people had their dreams come true but maybe I’m not cut out for that. Maybe I’m never meant to achieve anything great in life. These thoughts come in your head so easily. It envelopes you and doesn’t allow you to see anything beyond what a worthless shit you are. But you see in your everyday life – people who have faced a lot of failures, people like you, people who wanted it as bad as you, getting beaten down again and again and are still going on. Not that it was easy. But they are still going at it. They have faced failures and are now achieving success. Did they get success the first few times they tried? No. Did they give up? No. Are they losers? No. Because they had the guts to go after what they wanted and they never gave up. People like this make you move forward. Give you hope. If they gave up after few failures then they really would have been failures. But they stood up every time. Now their dreams are coming true. Because they never gave up. This has so much weightage than people realize. For me witnessing this realization gave me strength. Adding the words “Don’t give up” on a picture of a rising sun mean nothing. You can’t see a picture & get inspired by it when you have really been so low. You need to feel it, realize it, relate with the people who gave gone through the same thing and have come up swinging. You have to get up & go on. Don’t give up. Dreams came true for them because they didn’t give up. You need to believe this. And you need to go for it. And sometimes you need to just suck it up & do the best you can time & time again. Because that’s life. Nothing is easy. Nothing worth having comes easy. You maybe a worthless shit now but you’re a better worthless shit today than you were yesterday. You’re trying hard and you’ll get there. You can wallow, sulk everything. You have every right. It shows how much you wanted it, how much it means to you and how much you worked for it. But after you’re done doing that you need to get up and get ready again. You need to FIGHT. Because you don’t lose the battle, till you leave the field. YOU WILL WIN. BELIEVE THAT.