The child within us πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

As we grow up we gain a lot of things but we also lose a lot more.

We lose our patience, optimism, innocence, tolerance, our self confidence, self esteem, kindness, helping nature, faith in everyone, the hope that things will be better.

We stop having fun like we used to. We stop caring for the right things and start caring for all the wrong things.

We give up quickly, we break easily. We lose our health to stress. We read too much into things, end up stressing over something because of over thinking about problems that aren’t even there.

We don’t get vacations. We don’t spend time with friends and family. We don’t do anything for relaxation. Just running and chasing.

We don’t look at the stars or the moon anymore. We never stop and enjoy where we’re at. We lose track of time. Time seems to go so fast and so slow at the same time.
If we sit and try to think about what started it all, when did we become like this, we won’t get an answer. We got sucked into the circle just like everyone else did.

And if we look at what we have gained and what we have lost, I’d say the latter is far far in excess. 
And even though most of the damage is done, I think we need to bring out the child inside us and keep those parts of us intact if we want to survive this crazy crazy world.

So, if the next time someone asks you to grow up, hold out your tongue and walk away! πŸ˜‰ If that gives you satisfaction, you’ve made a start!


Her best friend cried to her, “my parents are getting a divorce”

She thought about all the fights her own parents were having over the past few months and about how incompatible they were. Maybe they were never meant to get married. How much she wished they’d just get a divorce! So they could just be happy… Even if that meant being apart.