Shell 🐚 inside Vs outside

They never understood my tears so I controlled them.

They never understood my pain so I hid it.

I created a shell and lived inside it because that was a place I felt comfortable and I felt that I could be me and I never let anyone see the shell. It was going fine.
Then things changed, situations changed, I met people who brought me out of my shell without even making me realize it.

But recently I realized how easy it was to get back inside the shell if I let myself.

That which was once my safe space, my go-to place, my comfort zone has become something that I don’t wanna go to again. Once I found comfort in the place outside my shell, I don’t wanna go back.

It’s funny when things, that you wouldn’t have imagined in one point of your life, happen and you don’t think that you’d like it and if given a choice you wouldn’t have chosen it. But Thank God! that you were not given a choice… and Thank God! you’re forced into a situation that you have to adjust and adapt to it and then to your own shock, you do it beautifully which makes you realize that maybe not all unexpected things are bad. Some things push ourselves for us to be better than what we can imagine. We limit ourselves to a boundary. We draw a circle around us and think that this circle is all I can be until something comes up and shows us a whole new view and it broadens our mind and gives us a whole new perspective. And once this happens you never want to go back to who you were. You don’t want to hide anymore. πŸ™‚

Don’t resist change. Accept it. Embrace it. Master it. Then do it all over again. πŸ™‚ 

It’ll be uncomfortable everytime, but once you win it, it’s definitely gonna be worth it.


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