Nice Vs. Smart

Being nice doesn’t mean anything in this world.

I was nice to people who weren’t nice to me in return.

I had to make an effort to stay in their lives while accepting them wholly for who they were.

They pointed out my small mistakes when I ignored their huge ones.

Then I decided I had enough and stopped making an effort and the inevitable happened. They’re not in my life anymore.

I think the lesson here is that, we need to be nice to people who deserve it. Not everyone.

You don’t only need to be nice, you need to be smart.

You need to find those people who appreciate you.

You also need to find people who are nice to you in return.

Help everyone but don’t share with everyone.

Care for all but also be a little selfish.

Make yourself a priority.

Don’t trust people’s words. Look at their actions.

Open your eyes. Don’t trust people blindly.

Don’t doubt always, but when your gut tells something is fishy, something is fishy.

Surround yourself with positive people.

Value those who value you.

And lastly, learn to be happy, learn to make yourself smile !!! 🙂