What to expect out of life?

Life doesn’t always go the way we plan. I always hear people say expect the unexpected. And they’re right. Life is about ups and downs. You gain some things and you lose some things. And yes, losing certain things hurt. But sometimes you just have to look past the things you lost and be happy for the things you have. Because that’s what counts.


Expect the unexpected. And accept that sometimes bad things are going to happen.


1. Life is unpredictable.
This is the Very First thing anyone has to stay about life. Though you may have realized it time after time, if you’re still looking for life to get predictable, you’re very well wasting your time. Life never turns out the way we want it to. Accept that it’s always going to be unpredictable. Whether it’s in a good way or a bad way. And in a weird way, that’s the beauty of life.

2. Things change.
They say change is the only thing permanent in life. One of the things guaranteed to happen in life is change. Change isn’t always bad. It’s scary, I’ll admit. But eventually you get used to it and when the next change comes, you don’t wanna let this one go. So always remember that. The place you are now, the things you don’t wanna change, came from change itself. So be positive and look forward for a better future. If you resist change too much, you’ll not be able to enjoy the good parts of it. Take your time. Accept it as soon as possible. Change comes with both good & bad.

3. Things, good or bad, happen for a reason.
The person you are today is because of all the experiences you had till this date – Good AND Bad. So don’t be too bitter about the bad memories and focus on the good ones. All the struggle you had makes it worthwhile when you find your success.

4. There’s going to be some struggle.
All human beings are different. No two person is the same. But if there’s something everyone has in common, it’s struggle. Every single person in this world has to struggle, to face problems, to fight to overcome them. Life is a constant struggle. If it wasn’t, no one would work hard to get to the place they wanna go. Accept that you’re gonna have to face tough times along the way and mentally prepare yourself to be strong. Some get what they want and some don’t. So even when you’re facing a bitter aspect of life, don’t lose hope and never give up. You never know what the next stage holds. And sometimes, when you don’t get what you wanted, you get something even better. So nothing is futile.

5. Occasionally you may have some regrets.
No matter how much you think that you’re not gonna have any regrets, there will come a time when regrets will come creeping. It’s normal to have regrets. But you need to know that they shouldn’t take any place in your head. Too much regrets can make you oblivious to the good things around you while you keep on wondering about the past. The past is over. You cannot change it. So stop living in the past and live in the present. There may be many things you could have done differently. But it’s time to let them go. Have no regrets. Learn from your past so it doesn’t happen in your future.

6. There are gonna be Idiots everywhere
You’re gonna find idiots everywhere. You’re gonna find creepy people everywhere. And you’re gonna find liars everywhere. Good people are very hard to find. The bad people are at every turn. So learn to recognize the good people from all around and when you find them, keep them close. Whether they’re friends or family or neighbours. Could be anyone.

7. Someone somewhere will let you down.
People are gonna let you down once in a while. You will feel betrayed. One thing to note about betrayal is that it can only be done to you by a person very close to you. In such a case, there are two scenarios:

  1. A person did it and it was unavoidable or if he/she didn’t know how to handle the situation, then it’s probably best not to hold any grudge. Sometimes, even we hold very high expectations from friends that they can’t possibly keep up to that level.
  2. The person did it for absolutely no reason whatsoever, and don’t even appear to be sorry, then you need to think of it as a lesson of trusting the wrong person too much and keep your distance.

8. There are going to be some bad times.
Bad times is unavoidable. You’re gonna face pain, and you’re gonna face losing something you care about. It’s okay. At such times all you gotta remember is things are gonna be fine. Maybe now things are not. But eventually they will be fine. You just need to focus on what’s still there and hold on to it. Life isn’t about standing straight. It’s about getting up no matter how many times you fall.

In the end, life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain. Stay strong. Live life to your fullest.